Universal Lateral Positioner®
Protective Pads

Latex Free Foam Pad Set
Dual Compression Foam Pads for anterior support arms are unsurpassed in preventing skin irritation.

Contour Lumbar Pad
Conforms to patient anatomy improving alignment and pressure distribution.

Clip-On ™ Pad Set for Universal Lateral Positioner®

(Cat# 1007-CPM)   NEW!

Base pad and lateral support pads have special clips designed to eliminate glue buildup on ULP base and lateral support.

Other Configuration for Clip-On ™ Pad Set for Universal Lateral Positioner®

  Cat# 1007-LPM Lumbar Pad - Sleeve NEW!

  Cat# 1007-RPM Rotated Pad  NEW!

IMP Hip Protective Pads



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